Christmas Carol Concert – 2018

This year’s Christmas Service comes from the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, in the historic borough of Bletchingley, East Surrey, and was recorded on Sunday, 23rd December, 2018.

The village contains a medieval castle and Bletchingley Place entered via the gate house at Place Farm occupied by Anne of Cleaves after her marriage to Henry the 8th was annulled. The medieval parish church in the Anglo–Saxon administrative division of Tandridge hundred dates back over 1000 years and is recorded in the Doomsday book under the ownership of Richard de Tonebridge. Bletchingley itself served higher status than that of the close by market town of Reigate up until the 14th century.

The service was held under candlelight within the medieval church, and led by the Reverend Sister Phaedra Pamphilon-Green, Rector of the Benifice of Bletchingley and Nutfield. The opening carol “Once in Royal Davids City” was led by 12 year old soloist, Sophie Thurston.

The service was recorded with permission of, and led by the Reverend Sister Phaedra Pamphilion-Green, Rector of the Benifice of Bletchingley and Nutfield.

The Director of Music, Organist and Pianist – Tristian Hall

The Choir

Sophie Thurston
Pamela Cock
Valerie Muller

April Alexander
Ellie Muller

Owen Thurston
Robert Trotman

Anthony Cock
Richard Fowler

The readers in order were:
Deacon Tim Murrill
Dame Sarah Goad
Richard Fowler
Angela Price
Pamela Cock
Kate Doody
Ed Muller
Oliver Jackson
The Reverend Sister Phaedra Pamphilion-Green

Susy Radio would like to thank everyone involved behind the scenes at the parish Church of St Mary the Virgin and the many attending in the congregation.

For Susy Radio
Engineering and production
Neil Munday

Susy Radio 103.4 wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year