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Audio Antihero

On tonight’s Susy Rocks Live, we welcome back Jamie Halliday, founder of the fantastatic independent record label Audio Antihero.

Audio Antihero are without question one of the most exciting labels in existence with a roster of artists including local legends Nosferatu D2, folk hero Jack Hayter and a number of awesome new bands too.

Audio Anti Hero


Jamie has hand picked a selection of fine records to play to you this evening between 7 and 9pm and we’d love to have your company for what will be a brilliant and musically enlightening show.




Unprepared. Unscripted.


Ordinarily, Susy Rocks Live is a well polished, well prepared affair with hours of painstaking research going into it’s production. This week, however, a series of unfortunate events and the Bank Holiday has meant that I have literally done nothing in preparation for the show tonight. Sorry about that.

What I have done though is book Beasts ( to come on the show to discuss their new music, their plans for world domination and also to play a couple of tunes from their personal music collections. It’s going to be very good. You have my word on that.

If you dig sketchy production, amazing local music and live bands, give us a listen between seven and nine o’clock. If that’s not your bag, well, you know what to do.


The Macintosh Files

Steve Mac

This evening (10/02/2015) on #tuneinyouwont Tuesday, Andreas.G.Wood presents a show entitled ‘The Macintosh Files’.

To find out exactly what ‘The Macintosh Files’ are, give him a listen from 7pm exclusively on Susy Radio.

‘The finest local and not so local music in the known universe.’

More exclusive than a Mayfair night spot.

Tomorrow night’s Susy Rocks Live (08/07/2014) promises to be a little bit special with more exclusives than a red topped newspaper.

In the first hour, we have an exclusive live track by a band that first appeared on the show way back in 2012 and are now a week away from releasing their Steve Albini produced debut album. We’ll leave it at that!

Also in the first hour, we have tunes from Clay Cats, Danny Dangerously, The Roughneck Riot, The Jackobins plus many more.

We have another exclusive in the second hour of the show! The four piece indie power house known as Santonica, will be in the studio to play two bright spanking new tracks and to have a conflab with Andreas.



Lager Than Life

On Tuesday 29th April 7-9pm, everyone’s favourite geezer punks ‘The Wonder Beers’  will be taking over Susy Rocks Live and playing the shiny new tracks from their box fresh EP ‘Lager than Life’.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can win a physical copy of the aforementioned EP with our competition ‘Ale or Fail’!

We also have music from The Menzingers, Chuck Ragan, River Jumpers, Delta Sleep, Wegrowbeards, Archers of Loaf plus other badass bands that you will dig plus a new track by ex Stagecoach singer Uncle Luc.