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Valentine’s Afternoon at Susy

As it was a Valentine’s special on the Thursday drive show, we thought we would film the show so you could see for yourself some of the budget present ideas that Ben tested out on India! And yes you can see the ‘autumnal’ scarf! Also watch the quiz as it happened and find out who had to open the dreaded forfeit envelope…


Hazardous driving conditions set to continue

Motorists in the SUSY Radio area have recently had to contend with unprecedented rainfall and winds making driving extremely hazardous, and the Met Office warns that there is a risk of further heavy rainfall for South and South East England.

SUSY listeners are advised to keep informed of the latest warnings broadcast during our programmes, and on our Facebook and website pages, and police ask motorists to take extra special care when driving in these conditions.

Current information on flood warnings can also be found on the Environment Agency website

This video taken by our Neil Munday at the A22 Byers Lane junction, where water was up to 3 feet deep in places, is typical of the hazards being experienced at the current time.