Listen Live

Susy Radio is now live on 103.4FM from our studio in Merstham and here for those of you outside our service area or who prefer to listen on a computer, smartphone etc. We are now on UK Radio Player, and you can either use our player left) or their player (right) to listen.

        Susy Radio Player   UK Radio Player

If the above players don’t work, or you prefer, you can also listen on a PC or a Mac using Winamp, Windows Media Player or VLC (highly recommended).

Listen without Flash


If youre on an I-device, Android Phone, or Blackberry, you may like to download the excellent free app ‘Tunein’, or UK Radio Player which give you instant access to Susy radio on the move.

Outside Broadcast Feed (Beta)

Click Below to listen to a live uninterrupted feed from some of our Outside broadcasts. This is a TEST service and so is not guaranteed at the moment.